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620 Washington St. (Rt. 138)
South Easton, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

It's just what we needed---an excellent Mexican restaurant in Metro South. El Mariachi opened recently and already has lines waiting to eat there. The hard-working staff is well informed on menu items, and the food is generous, while the prices are reasonable. That's a good combination.

Try not to fill up on the nachos and salsa, provided when you are seated. They are highly addicting and loaded with calories and saturated fat. Save the calories for the main dishes! We loved the Mixed Combo Fajitas for two. This combination of steak, chicken, bell peppers, and onions is served with warm tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, rice and charro beans. Noticably absent was salsa, which is really needed when making this delightful little wraps. ($26.50 for two)

Another great choice is , a top sirloin steak, flame broiled and smothered with sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic shrimp. Served with rice and beans. ($16.50). Pork Carnitas is another interesting dish, with slow cooked pork with fresh garlic. Topped with red onion rings and served with rice, beans, guacamole, and a dish of mild red sauce. ($12.75).

El Mariachi also features Quesadillas, Combo Dinners, and much more. Appetizers include the Fiesta Sampler, with nachos, mini quesadillas, mini flautas, and buffalo wings ($10.25). We enjoyed the Nachos Idaho, crisp baked potato skins, filled with cheese and your choice of ground beef, shredded beef, or shredded chicken.($7.75)

It seems from speaking to other diners, and our own experience, that whatever you order should be delicious and reasonable. Feel free to enjoy a Margarita or Mexican Beer to enjoy the total Mexican experience!

(***Very Good)

The Daniel Webster Inn
149 Main St.
Sandwich, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

We were seated adjacent to a magnificent courtyard, featuring beautiful Christmas lights and a wonderful gazebo. The atmosphere is upscale, but warm and comfortable just the same. The historic Daniel Webster Inn caters to demanding people from around the globe, who want to partake in the luxury of the health spa, the refined elegance of their rooms, or simply to get a meal that you won't forget for a long time.

We started with braised short rib potstickers, a Caribbean-style dish, featuring fresh fruit salsa and savory planters semi-glace. The Crab Nori Roll featured Risotto, a large amount of scrumptious crabmeat, and fresh vegetables rolled in Nori and deep fried. It is served with an avocado remoulade. But, a more pedestrian item really ran away with our taste buds at appetizer time. The Shrimp Cocktail was the best my wife and I have ever tasted. Colossal-sized chilled Gulf Shrimp, served with a tangy horseradish cocktail sauce, it was just amazing. We took our time, each getting two shrimp, and enjoyed them thoroughly. They were fresh, cooked perfectly and served with a wonderful sauce. A can't miss appetizer choice!

My wife ordered her dinner off the menu. I went with a dinner special. Pam got Grilled Australian Lam loin, rubbed with Moroccan spices, and served with goat cheese and mustard fondue, minted almond couscous, and rutabaga fries. I ordered the Asian short ribs, served with Hoison sauce. Both dishes passed the taste test, but my wife's simply mouth-watering lamb had her taking time to enjoy each bite.

Daniel Webster Inn offers fine dining for reasonable prices in a cozy historic and homey atmosphere. We give it FOUR STARS for gourmet greatness!

The Belfry Inne & Bistro
4-8 Jarves St.
Sandwich, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

Nestled on a quaint street in the village-like downtown area of Sandwich on Cape Cod, is the upscale, classy and thoroughly scrumptious Belfry Inne. This splendid bed and breakfast is coupled with a gloriously classic restaurant, which serves premium quality foods at a premium price. If you're looking for a special occasion place--birthday, anniversary or other event--you can't miss with this wonderful place.

We started off our meals with Thai peanut-dusted shrimp, with Thai basil noodle salad, toasted peanut oil, and sweet coconut peanut sauce ($12). The jumbo shrimp were amazing, and the noodles-with the sweetness of the accompanying coconut-flavored mix--were an excellent ancillary taste. We also got the black sesame-seared sea scallops, with red curry coconut sauce, pineapple raisin relish and Thai basil ($12). The huge scallops were cooked perfectly (a must for that particular seafood to stand up) and the sesame flavor was simply amazing. The accompanying bread--served hot and with flavored butter--was also delicious, but my wife and I were trying to save calories for the good stuff. For the main course, we chose Atlantic halibut steak with black olive crust, virgin olive oil whipped potato puree ($30). This fish was to die for--and I don't normally like fish! The black olive crust (even if you don't like black olives) was NOT overpowering, but provided the necessary flavor to enhance the perfect halibut steak. This was also served with zucchini tomato stew with fresh herbs. We also ordered the yellow fin tuna tataki with crisp vegetable lo mein noodles, spicy red pepper coconut sauce with sesame glaze ($29). The tuna was ordered medium well, and arrived as raw as sushi. Evidently, this is how this item is served everywhere. My wife enjoyed it, I stuck to the halibut. We ended a delightful evening with dessert, ordering two pedestrian items. We'd recommend walking down the street to an ice cream shop at there corner of Jarves and Rt. 6a to complete the meal. But, if you're looking for a wonderful, classy dinner--served by professionals who know their food--then it's worth the trip to Belfry Inn. And, if you're thinking of staying on Cape Cod, why not stay at the Belfry, featuring three gloriously-restored buildings in historic Sandwich Village. Featuring handsome furnishing, classic architecture and wonderful amenities, you can't go wrong at Belfry Inne and Bistro.

Rating: *** ( 3 out of 4 stars) VERY GOOD

Mahachai Restaurant
622 Washington St.
Canton, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

Mahachai is a small, comfortable Thai restaurant located in Canton Center. This storefront serves delicious food, with excellent service from start to finish.

Excellent appetizers include the Chicken Satay, with fresh white meat chicken, served with steaming hot peanut sauce, and a delicious Thai cucumber salad on the side. The requisite carrot cut like a flower accompanies the dish. Shrimp bags (steamed or fried), and Steamed Mussels (one of my favorites) are excellent choices. For those with trouble making up their minds, try the Mahachai Combination, featuring Thai Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Shumai , Dumplings, Shrimp Blanket, Tofu Triangle, and Vegetable Tempora.

For entrees, we tried the mildly-spicy Grilled Chili Salmon and Crispy Spicy Chicken (also rather mild.) Both were absolutely delicious, and their hotness was cooled down more than sufficiently when mixed with the fabulous Pad Thai (a Thai favorite, consisting of stir-fried noodles, shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, scallions and eggs.)

Thumbs up for a pleasant dining experience. Complete dinners start at $8.50. Can't beat that!

Mezza Luna
253 Main Street
Buzzards Bay
Cape Cod, MA 02532

Review by Mark Snyder

What an incredible find! Located only two minutes from the Bourne Bridge, at the rotary that joins Rt 6, this Italian restaurant shines from the moment you enter the establishment. You'll be pleased to hear the gentle sounds of Sinatra, Martin and other Italian singers serenating you. Emilio John (you can call him "E.J") Cubellis II is the third generation owner of a wonderful throwback to the easy dining of the 1950's, featuring great service, old country charm, great food, and pride.

Still utilizing sauces, breads and recipes from family matriach Nona Speranza's 1937 kitchen, you'll find impeccable hospitality to go along with the fine foods.

Best Bets: Fish Chowder, Pork Chops, Rack of Lamb, Chicken Parmesan, Rack of Lamb, Linguini Medley (featuring scallops, shrimp and mussels), and Veal Marsala.

There's a full children's menu (4.95-6.95). Entrees run from $11.95-$17.95. Mezza Luna features the Hickory Room Lounge and North End Style Outdoor Cafe (in summer).



Attention B.J.'s Wholesale Members:

Did you know that B.J.'s could be jeopardizing your family's health for a few pennies? They had previously sold my favorite jerky product, Snackmasters, for $5.99 for a large bag. This product is low in fat, high in protein and contains no cancer-causing nitrates. In fact, my kids would have some before their athletic events. Now, they've switched to another brand drenching in nitrates. Same price per bag, but with a lower wholesale cost. Now, I don't work for Snackmasters, or have any connection to them, but it seems wrong to me when a company "sells out", and could help get its customers sick! B.J.'s is a local company, headquartered in Natick. That's why i belong there, instead of at national behemoth Costco. Call B.J's to register your outrage (1-508-651-6651) , or talk to your local store manager! Bring back a HEALTHY snack choice for our KIDS!



Restaurant Review
Bankok Garden
559 Washington St. Rt. 138
Stoughton, MA 02072

Khanciatt "Ped" Kornyu has opened up a very impressive new addition to the South Shore ethnic dining offerings. He has completed remodeled the former Mandarin House, and is offering some of the finest Thai cuisine I've ever eaten.
He brings back memories of the old "Thai Taste", which thrived in Stoughton until its owner took ill. This restaurant, beautifully decorated and painted in light bright colors, has excellent service from beautiful young waitresses from Thailand.
The food is simply to die for. From the generic, but delicious Pad Thai to the well-known Beef Satay, you will find all your favorites here. But, you'll also find some amazingly-creative dishes as well.
For appetizers, try the Saigon Dices (tenderloin beef with Vietnamese pepper lime sauce), Pheasant Wings (stuffed with shrimp, chicken and vegetables in a hot sauce), hot beef kabobs (a real find on the skewer with vegetables and hot sauce), hot and sour shrimp soup, and steamed dumplings filled with onions, chicken and scallions with soy ginger sauce.
Plar Goong is a delicious spicy salad, featuring grilled shrimps in chili paste. It's a nice bridge to the entrees. We'd recommend Beef Panang (thinly sliced tenderloin in spice Thai Panang Curry), Seafood Madness (a spicy dish featuring shrimp, scallop, squid, and fish in a hot chili sauce, served on steamed clams), Beef Macadamia (tender beef stir fried with Macadamia Nuts, mushrooms and scallions).
The menu features dozens of entree choices, with seafood, salads, Curry offerings, and 14 Bankok Garden specialties. If you like Thai food, you will love Bankok Garden!

Rated *** Three Stars (Very Good)


657 Washington St. Rt. 138
Stoughton, MA 02072

Co-Owners Fred Rash and Scott Hartford set out to open up a suburban restaurant with all the fresh recipes, delectable tastes, and excellent service found in restaurants in downtown Boston. Phatt Boys
brings their quality, fresh foods and imaginative tastes to the South Shore. Phatt Boys ribs and steak tips leave an indelibable taste in your mouth--one you want frequently repeated! The prices are
reasonable, servings big enough for a Phatt taste, and the service good. Phatt Boys has discovered the skinny for great eating! For Appetizers, try the coconut crusted shrimp, firecracker shrimp, jerky
boy hot wings, Gorgonzola Beer bread, or the Phatt Ass Sampler (with the wings, chili queso, and brick house onion rings). For Entrees, highly recommends Lobster and
Asparagus Ravioli, The Blackened Swordfish, The Sweet Rack of slow-cooked, hand rubbed ribs,and the Texas peppered Steak Tips. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Rating: 3.75 out of four stars.


Crazy Craig's Candy and Ice Cream
Cobbs Corner,
Canton, MA

Crazy Craig's must be crazy to have his place as sloppy as we found it on a Saturday night in February. The assortment of ice creams looked appealing, so we opted for a sugar free-fat free vanilla with some mix-ins. The mix ins that BOTH of us got were paper. Yep, both of us chewed, swallowed and spit up some kind of paper mixed in with the ice cream. Yuck! The lady behind the counter said it was "only paper" and she'd gladly give us another ice cream for free. We declined.

The place was a virtual mess. Everything all over the place, the garbage can was actually overflowing all over the floor. She said she couldn't empty it, because "Craig has to. It's far too dangerous out back". I always thought the Sharon/Canton border was pretty safe. Maybe I'm wrong.

Lots of overpriced gifts are also available here. Oh, and something else that's "crazy"- -they have children's birthday parties here. Nice idea. Candy and ice cream. But one problem: there's no bathrooms! So your kids, and their pals, need to trot across the parking lot to McDonald's to relieve themselves.

Rating: 1
Best Bet: Wrapped candy



Blanchard's Tavern
Route 28
98 North Main Street
Avon, MA 02322
( 508 ) 587-2884

Review by Mark Snyder

I'm almost hesitant to write about this jewel nestled on the Randolph-Avon
line. An authentic tavern of 1780 (built in 1748), it is the only operating tavern of the Colonial period north of Williamsburg, VA, devoted to drinks, snacks and entertainment of 1780.

This delightful chunk of history is comfortable, friendly, and a lot of fun. The night we visited talented tenor troubadour Larry Carlson was entertaining with songs of the sea, bawdy ballads, and a great voice. This Carver resident, and history professor at Thayer Academy, was delightfully entertaining with his renditions of songs over 220 years old.

Blanchard's Tavern is run by the Blanchard Nonprofit Trust and is ALL
volunteers. From the bartender, who serves English, Irish and American Beers, hard and mulled cider, mead, colonial wines, General Washington coffee, and Colonial tea; to the friendly helpers who offer food like pork and beef pies, Brunswick Stew, Vermont Bread with Harvarti Cheese, and Syllabub, Blanchard's Tavern is a place you will want to return to again and again!

Like Cheers in the late 1900s, it's a place everybody knows your name. We met some of the most interesting, warm and friendly people in just a couple of hours at Blanchard's, and look forward to going back.

Blanchard's offers different entertainment and specials on Saturday nights starting at 8 p.m. For information on specific offerings, call 508-588-1620, or visit their website at

The facility is available on a limited basis for rental. But beware: a ghost (possibly a Revolutionary soldier) named "David" lives in the house. From the days of locals ducking Indians, to the Underground Railroad, the secret passageways and the quaint elegance of days gone by still reside at Blanchard's Tavern!

Rating: 5 (highest)
Best Bets: Try it!

R Place at the Berkeley
312 Washington St.
Wellesley Hills, MA
Review by Mark Snyder

Let me confess off the bat- -I enjoy eating in a place where you get a good amount of quality food for a reasonable price. R Place is not that kind of place. The food here goes from excellent to mediocre. The prices from expensive to very expensive.

Located in a basement, it has a dark but romantic feel to it. My wife and I chose to celebrate our anniversary here. We skipped the menu of appetizers, which included Smoked Salmon & Spring Rolls ($10.50), Crab Cakes ($11.00) and Grilled Asparagas ($9.75). I chose to go with a half order of the "R" Classic Pad Thai ($9.00) as a main course. The tempura shrimp on top (3) were fine. The pad Thai itself was inedible and was returned.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed the Cajun Ancho Chili Rubbed grilled Mahi Mahi. It was served with grilled asparagus. The poppy seed plum glaze added some flavor to the fish. It is also served with bourbon sweet potatoes. The portion was tiny, and the price not ($22). Overall, the Thiel family has a very nice place. But my meal was horrid. My wife was pleased with hers. I left hungry and stopped to eat on the way home. Best Bets: Apple Smoked Duck Leg with grilled Duck Breast ($20), Australian Beef Tenderloin ($28), Mustard & Herb-crusted Lamb ($25) Rating: 2

211 Lincoln St.
Hingham, MA 02043
Review by Mark Snyder

I'm almost afraid to tell you how perfect the meal was at Abbadessa's, for fear it will be too crowded next time we go! The restaurant, located in a strip plaza on Rt. 3a in Hingham, relaxes you the moment you enter. After being seated by a smiling hostess, we were greeted by a very pleasant waitress, who brought us drinks and a basket of delicious bread and breadsticks. We sat adjacent to the bar, and it was cozy.
There is NO SMOKING anywhere in the restaurant. It was a unique experience to be by the bar, but still in non-smoking! My wife ordered the chicken cacciatore, chicken scaloppine sauteed with freshly chopped peppers, onions and mushrooms. It was finished in a delightful marinara sauce. She got a side dish of brocolli (no, of course I didn't touch THAT). She said it was crisp and fresh.
My veal parmigiana was the best I've had in quite a while! The tender, thinly-sliced veal was pounded, breaded and served crispy- -just the way I like it. Again, that wonderful marinara sauce topped it off, with fresh mozzarella cheese. The menu features many wonderful choices, from mouth-watering pizzas, to delicious chowders, salads, veal, chicken and seafood dishes.
But it's not just about the food. There was a jazz band playing relaxing music. The atmosphere is homey and comfortable. The staff- -from waitress to busboy to bartender-- are friendly and diligent. Abbadessa's offers specials on Mondays through Thursday nights, with wine and dinner for $10.95 Mondays, topping is free on every pizza. We give this restaurant high grades for fresh food, comfort, music and friendly staff. A great place to stop on the way to Nantasket Beach!

55 Huntington Ave.
Prudential Center Boston
Review by Mark Snyder

Want to find a place where you can leave all your troubles at the door? A place where the waitresses treat you with the respect you deserve? (NONE). Where the food greatly exceeds expectations? Where the entertainment is sometimes entertaining? Check out Dick's Last Resort in the Prudential Center. And pick up a T-shirt while you're there. They have the best selection of DICK t-shirts I've ever seen. And the food,,,,,

We ate at the Sunday brunch (adults $15.99, Children (under 12) $5.99). There were made-to-order omelets that were out of this world. Delicious carved roast beef and ham, with flavorful accompanying sauces. Lots of my favorite heart-cloggers like bacon and sausages. Wonderful fresh Belgian waffles and an excellent assortment of toppings. There was fried chicken and mashed potatoes; biscuits and gravy; poached salmon fillet, tons of salads (my wife loved them all) and soft drinks of your choice.

I tried to save room for dessert and was glad I did. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, a coffee cake, assorted fresh fruit, miniature pastries and more filled my plate to the brim. All were outstanding.

It was billed as a "Gospel Brunch", but the band only did three tunes. The lead singer, a Diva, wasn't pleased with the speaker system and spent her entire set complaining that she couldn't hear anything. Her, and her husband, sounded great when they actually sang. But that was a rare treat. The music was the only thing that did not come in abundance at our brunch!

Dick's Last Resort is a must-see if in Boston. Check out the shops at the Pru, and shop til you drop. The, go for some great food (try the ribs and chicken at night) and a beer (a giant mug) and kick back and relax. Watch out for waitress Lynn. She's got spunk. I'll be back- -next time with a group of roudy friends.


324 North Main St.
Randolph, MA 02368

It seems we always in a rush. We dash to work, go to school, take the kids everywhere, and rarely have chance for a moment's peace and quiet. The lovely Roxanne Fernandes wants to change all that. With her small storefront in the Sudbury Farms Plaza on Rt. 28 in Randolph, she offers a refuge for the weary. As soon as you get in the front door, you can try a free sample of the Herbal Tea of the Day. Does something ail you? Tell Roxanne and she'll find the tea that will bost your mood, and your immune system. As a novice tea person, whose only experience was drinking it when I mom forced me, I had a lot to learn. By the time I left, I had the tools of the trade (a tea infuser, only $2.95) and an ounce of Rooibos Oasis, a tea with a ton of Vitamin C and Oxidants. The Tea Garden offers tea gift baskets, a wide assortment of mugs, teapots, infusers, books, candles and angels. It's a relaxing spot that will allow you to breathe deeply and appreciate life, just a bit. Highly Recommended!

855 Worcester Rd.
(Rt. 9) Framingham
review by Mark Snyder

We were in the mood for ethnic food and decided on Indian Cuisine. The only question was where to eat it. We'd found Jaipur Cafe in Norwood and loved it, but going to the same place gets monotonous. I've always liked India Quality Restaurant in Kenmore Square in Boston, but wasn't in a "downtown" mood. So we headed out to the unknown on Rt. 9 in Framingham. Rasoi is is a strip plaza known as Trolley Square. Not far from our favorite supermarket, Trader Joes. What a discovery!!! The Tandoor clay oven was the home of our meal that night. Chicken Tandoori (spring chicken marinated in yogurt and spices for 24 hours). It is a healthy was to eat and a delicious one! We also enjoyed Kalmi Kabab (center cut cubes of boneless pork in a marinated fresh giner, garlic, yogurt and spices). A mouth-watering delight! The Babi Tikka is to die for! Lean and tender cubes of boneless lamb are marinated in a special blend of home ground spices and then grilled on a skewer in the Tandoor oven. Unreal!! A great idea is the mixed grill. You'll get a sampling of the afore-mentioned chicken and Kalmi plus a serving of Tandoori Prawns - - shrimp marinated in a lightly spiced sauce! Don't miss the great selection of Naan (bread). (Our favorite is the Paneer Naan (stuffed with cheese) and the Keema Naan (stuffed with spicy ground lamb).
Rating: 4 stars (perfection)
Best bets
: Tandoori Mixed Grill, Babi Tikka, Tandoori Seafood Masala, Tandoori Prawns, Keema Naan

Sudbury Farms Plaza Randolph, MA

Being in a breakfast mood, I decided to go to a place where I'd never eaten before. This took me to a place with a clever name, Toast of the Town on Route 28 in Randolph. Unfortunately, the name was the best thing about it. Conscious of my health, I ordered an egg white omelet. But conscious of my taste buds, I ordered it with swiss cheese and bacon. Also ordered was a side of WELL DONE home fries, English Muffin and coffee. The coffee came first. The mug had a leak on the bottom, and spilled everywhere. I transferred it to another mug at the table and took my first sip. Horrid. Sour. Yuck. I left my coffee. The omelet arrived. No bacon. Just cheese. I tasted it and left the entire omelet, one bite missing. The potatoes were raw. The English muffin was the best part of the meal and I gobbled it up. The waitress, despite seeing my contempt at the food, never appeared until it was "check" time. I left my plate full, paid my bill ($7 with tip) and left. I felt good about one thing- - I can warn my readers to avoid the place. Rating: 1 Best Item: The free newspaper to read at the counter

The Entertainment Minute & WMJX 106.7 FM

Chinatown - 103 Sharon St. Stoughton, MA Are you looking for something new to eat? How about something that tastes delicious and is good for you, too? Don't think it's possible? The key is the steaming of food in the new Dim Sum menu at Chinatown in Stoughton.

I faced this new kind of food with a little trepidation. It is, after all, different to look at. It has a different consistency than the usual fried foods. But after the first taste, I was hooked!

Most people are familiar with Peking Ravioli, the dumplings available at most Chinese restaurants. Served with a ginger sauce, the dumplings are always a light appetizer. Dim Sum food is similar, but different.

Imagine the same light food, with a plethora of different tastes exploding in your mouth? That is what Dim Sum is all about. Served from 11:30-3 pm every day, it is like happy hour for your taste buds.

My favorite was the steam shrimp dumpling. Shrimp and bamboo shoots, inside a thin dough, steamed to perfection.

Another item which was so different, it stands out, was the steam roast pork bun, and the similar steam chicken bun. Stuffed with either roast pork or ground chicken , the buns are actually a dough material, steamed to perfection. The taste is totally unique. And addicting!

Whether you try the steam chicken dumpling, the steam spareribs, steam vegetable dumpling, or steam chicken bun, you can't go wrong! But DO NOT go to Chinatown without trying the steam chicken sticky rice! This combination of pork, chicken, sausage and mushroom, served with a delicious smoky rice, is just incredible! I can't recommend it enough.

Save room to try the Mango pudding- -a perfect ending to a Dim Sum treat! Dim Sum literally means "to point to the heart's desire" in Cantonese. To this reviewer, it points more to the stomach's desire!

Dim Sum at Chinatown is served from 11:30-3 pm seven days a week. It is located at 103 Sharon Street, at Cobbs Corner in Stoughton

49 Monk St.
49 Monk Street in Stoughton

With heavy cigarette smoke in the air of this bar-pool hall, it's not exactly a great place for sit down family meals. But takeout is another story! This place offers some of the tastiest wings around. In tons of flavors. A Jumbo order of 25 wings is only $14.50. A Fantasy Order (48 ounces) of Boneless wings is only $22.95. And the flavors...choose from Buffalo in three levels of hot (we prefer "just plain hot" over the hot-as-hell "thermonuclear" and the wimpy "mild hot"). Other flavors include Homemade BBQ, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard Dip, Honey Mustard Glaze, Roman (garlic and parm), and Big Joe's Southern Fried. They are ALL outstanding. Standouts also include the fries ($2.50) and the beer battered onion rings ($3.50). Burgers to go (10 oz) are also great. Made by hand with fresh chuck. Ribs are also a good pick. A full 14 piece rack is $16.95. Salads and sandwiches are also available. This is a great place for a party! Let them be your caterer (of sorts) Best bets: Boneless Buffalo wings, Roman wings and Teryaki wings. Rating: 3 stars

Avon Towne House
81 Memorial Drive Rt. 28 Avon

We used to go to this place for their great lobster specials. They have always had specials on "twins", years ago from $8.95. The last time we were here, about three years ago, it was $14.95. The place looks the same. Musty, smoky and very plain. But ownership has changed. It's now owned by Peter Lee and features American and Chinese food. We ordered a steak (medium) ($15.95)and got piece of fatty, tasteless shoe leather. I ordered the twin lobsters ($18.95) and got underweight lobsters (est. 3/4 pounds each or less). Tastless. Overcooked. With stale bread. This place rated at 4 in our last review. REVISED RATING: 1 Best Bets: Stay home

Salsa's opens in South Boston

If you enjoy Mexican Food, do I have good news for you. About 18 months ago, a small (40 seats or so) Mexican Grill called Salsa's opened in South Boston. The bistro, located at 118 Dorchester Street, offers hands down some of the best Mexican food we've ever had. Starting with Salsa & Chips, it will warm you up on a cold winter night. Owner Dave Littlefield ("The Sausage Guy") has plans to bottle that salsa and sell it. It would be an immediate hit. Loaded with freshly cut vegetables, hot enough to wake your senses, and solid enough not to be runny, it is an instant hit.

Chef Maria Cadillo (a native Mexicano) has the touch. My favorite of the evening was the Pollo eu Almendras. This dish, featuring marinated grilled chicken breast served with authentic salad and rice, is topped by a scrumptious almond salsa that is simply amazing. Tasting a bit like Thai satay flavor, this dish stands out.

We tried a number of dishes and enjoyed them all. Not a bad one in the bunch.

Best Bets: Pollo eu Almendras, Chile eu Nogada (stuffed peppers), Pescado ala Veracruz (marinated & grilled fish), Mexican Carnitas ( marinated pork tips in orange and Chipotle sauce), Mahi Mahi Soup, Tex Mex Tortilla Salad.Grade-A

(Owner David Littlefield, a Curry College grad, is an amazing story in himself. He owns Three Clover Pizza (401 West Broadway in Southie), and is the well-known Sausage Guy at Fenway Park. His calendar, and promotions with WBCN-FM are well known. Here's a link to HIS website. Check it out. Welcome to!

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As listeners of our show know, we had found the ultimate barbecue pit in Norwood, called Beantowne Barbecue. When that closed down (due to circumstances that had nothing to do with the food) we were quite saddened.

After all, places like Creative Chicken (Stoughton) that put sauce on chicken and then grill it, can never replicate the taste of REAL barbecued chicken. Neither can supermarkets, with their whole barbecued chickens.

So My wife & I were pleasantly pleased when we discovered Tennessee's Real BBQ in Braintree. In a very relaxed atmosphere, they serve REAL barbecue CHEAP! Luckily, there are three so that readers of this website who live in Massachusetts will find one near you! The food is IMMENSE! Delicious. Fresh. Bursting with flavor. The best barbecue we've had in a long while~! A can't miss!

Best Bets: Caribbean Chicken (a variation on the jerk recipe- -with kick!), Pulled Pork (best we've ever had), Baby Back Ribs (delightfully rubbed with just the right spices, and cooked to perfection). Even the side dishes stand out- -the collared greens, the smashed potatoes, the dirty rice and the corn on the cob (actually grilled in its stalk).Grade: A

Inn On The Green
Rt. 14 in East Bridgewater

On the border of Whitman, is one of the best restaurants we've seen. Inn On The Green, adjacent to the Ridder Country Club, has it all. The enchanting view of the golf course, lit up beautifully at night with a little brook and lovely plantings, sets off a wonderful restaurant experience. The appetizers were a bit on the weak side. Clams Casino was pedestrian, at best, featuring the usual cherrystones, chopped and baked with seasoned garlic butter, bread crumbs, and the perfunctory piece of bacon. The buffalo chicken tenderloins were devoid of spice, but cooked nicely and served uniquely on a bed of rice. Nice touch.

Entrees varied. The Sauteed jumbo shrimp (house special) was excellent. Four large shrimp, delicately battered, were served in a garlic, lemon and sherry marinade, over linguini. A wonderful culinary delight.

The baked scallops, served with seafood stuffing, were cooked perfectly and featured sweet scallops. It got a high rating. The swordfish, served as a half steak with cajun spices, was also a hit. The seafood dante was the only dish to get thumbs down. A bland mix of shrimp, scallops, and lobster, sauteed with mushrooms in a white wine sauce, it was the worst choice by far.

The presentation of foods is also rather bland. Service was not the best--in fact, my water glass remained empty for over an hour. Desserts were so-so. Tarimusu was servicable. Mudpie was good. Coffee was excellent.
The atmosphere, the low prices (highest entree was only $11.95), and the large portions, will assure this place continued success.
Grade: B Best Bets: House Special Jumbo Shrimp, Braided Sole and Salmon Seafood Medley.

THE GRILL - 453 Centre St. Brockton, MA.
What a find! Some of the most meaty, juicy and delicious ribs we ever had. Buffalo wings that were spicy and teasing of the palate. Stunning authentic middle eastern foods, from hummous to baked kibbie to shish kebab. The rice was the most inspired we've had since Beantown Bar-B-Q. Homemade soups and salads, a clean atmosphere, and friendly wait staff give this place the highest grade.Grade: A / Best Bets: Hummous, The Grill Combo, Full Rack of Ribs, MidEast Combo

Pizza Hut on Rt. 27, Stoughton/Brockton (by Mark Snyder)- Don't be fooled by the $4.99 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. On the day I visited this establishment, the all you can eat buffet consisted mostly of air. When I arrived at 11:30 am, there were no cheese or cinnamon breadsticks. When I left, at 12:55 pm, they finally were put in the bins. There were no pizzas of ANY KIND from 12:15-12:35. People were waiting, many very impatiently, for a slice of anything. A harried waitress pleaded with the manager to get some pizzas out. He told her to go about her work, and proceeded to berate her for caring. When the manager finally emerged, 20 minutes later with pizzas, he sported some mushroom/veggie mix, and a pineapple pizza. Folks stood around until pepperoni, sausage and cheese arrived. The salad disappeared completely at 12:30. When I left at 12:55, it was still empty. The pasta, some kind of shells and cheese, was empty starting at 12:25. It was not filled when I left. My drink of Diet Pepsi, for which I was charged $1.49, consisted of 90% ice, with three ounces of soda. When that was gone, I went thirsty. No waitresses every arrived at my table. I had to bring my glass up and ask for more drink.

This place had better get its act together. The only good news---empty plates at buffets ARE less calories.

Grade: F
Best dishes: The empty dish

Attention Coffee Lovers:   What an idea--instant LIQUID coffee, with a great taste. The Ryan family has packaged concentrated coffee in handy bottles. In french roast, decaf french, mocha java and vanilla nut, and at about 30 cents a cup, this stuff is great! My wife, a coffee nut, gave it best grades! To order, click here! A bargain and GREAT Coffee!!!!

Apropos (In the Sheraton Boston Hotel) If you're looking for fine dining in Boston, without having to mortgage the house, let me tell you about Apropos in the newly-remodeled Sheraton Boston Hotel. This fine restaurant is designed with something for everyone. Apropos Executive Chef Gregg Fontecchio is trying to please all the different clients the restaurant attracts--from hotel customers, to convention people; from families coming from Logan to businessmen in from Kuwait. The Sheraton Boston does more convention catering than any hotel in New England, according to Executive Banquet Chef Bradley Jones, who told us the difficulties of "balancing" the menu.
     Apropos really concentrates on what Jones describes as "New England Cuisine", heavy in seafood and not extremely spicy. We tried the roasted sea bass with lemon, accompanied by crisp fingerling potatoes and red pepper olive relish. The bass was perfectly cooked, moist and tasty. The relish was a perfect dipping sauce, and stood well even on its own.
     We had a heavy cholesterol dose with our appetiser, the pan seared foie gras with morel essences and glazed granny smith apples. The organ meat was seared perfectly, tender to the taste, and oozing with delicious juices. The sweet apple concoction was the perfect accompaniment, tasty and healthy, too.
     Summer greens even appealed to this vegetable-hater when they arrived with lamb loin, that was out of this world. The lamb, injected with avocado, was served alongside summer greens and vine ripened tomatoes. My dining partner enjoyed the veggies: I got all the lamb.
     My dining partner gobbled up the assorted legumes, petit peas and mint served alongside the free range chicken breast. I enjoyed the breast, although it could have been done just a hair less.
     For dessert, we tried the warm bread pudding, with scattered berries and cinnamon cream. A stunning way to end the evening.
     The service at Apropos was impeccable. Mohammed, our server, was attentive and kept our water glasses filled (my way of measuring service). He was knowledgable about the food he served, and that is really a plus.
     The restaurant is sprawling in design, with lots of mirrors and comfortable seating . Nearby there is a nice piano bar, with limited menu, and upstairs a new cigar bar. The Sheraton Boston has just undergone a 73 million dollar re-design and is worth checking out. Apropos is a wonderful addition to Boston's finest restaurants.
Best Bets: Jonah crabcakes ($11.95), apropos angus burger ($8.50), Golden Clams with Black Pepper Linguini ($18), Seafood Cioppino ($23.00) Grade: A-

Chinatown (Brockton, Stoughton)--There's no place like Chinatown. The Wong family has the right formula. Start with the freshest ingredients, cook with Canola oil, let everyone watch you cook in an open kitchen, and you've got the formula for success. True Chinese affectionados avoid the cheap buffets and head straight for Chinatown.
Best Bets: The luncheon and dinner specials (served all day), the Crispy Shrimp, The Pork in Black Bean Sauce, the Boneless Ribs, and Peking Duck. Also, if you can afford it--try the Ginger and Scallion Lobster. Unreal!

LYNWOOD CAFE (Randolph)--The most consistent pizza around, and still around $5. Ask for your pizza with "burned edges". They put a little extra sauce on the edge and sizzle it. Only drawback here is the long wait for tables and the heavy smoke. Take out is your best choice! Best bets: Any pizza and cold draft beers Grade: Dining In (B) , To GO (A)

JAIPUR CAFE (Norwood)--The area's only Indian restaurant really shines. From the incredible selection of ethnic breads, to the Tandoori chicken and veggies, this place is really wonderful. Try an Indian beer and get the real
feel for the Far East.
Best Bets: Tandoori Chicken, Jaipur Wings Grade: A

Siam Lotus (Norwood)-There are a number of Thai restaurants opening in the area, from Brockton to Quincy. The best, so far, is this place. From the view that overlooks the Norwood Country Club golf course, to the food that has enough spice to wake up your senses, this place has it all! Best Bets: Chicken Satay, Pad Thai. Grade: A

El Serape (Weymouth)-This is authentic Mexican food! Not the American stuff. From the siestas to the decor, to the roving Mexican musical players, this place oozes Tijuana. The chips and salsa are among the best we've had --and they're free - unlimited-- with every meal. Best Bet: pork adobe (VERY Spicy the way I like it) Grade: A

Blackthorne Tavern-(Easton)-This is one of the area's best kept secrets! Great entertainment (folks like Cheryl Wheeler, Tom Rush, John Gorka and Lori McKenna play here) every night of the week. Thursday through Saturday nite Blues, folk and light rock take turns. Monday nights include poetry readings. Sunday afternoon brunches from 11-2 have wonderful music and food. Plus, tons of imported beer, ale and cider. Best bets: Mixed Grille, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Trilogy of Seafood and Drunk & Dirty Tips Grade: A

Spoleto (Easton)--The south shore has a shortage of good Italian restaurants, but this jewel is hidden in a strip mall on Rt. 138. Wonderful food from appetizers through dessert! Best Bets: Steamed Mussels (appetizer), Fra
Diablo Red Pie (spicy pizza), Meat Lasagna (with veal, beef and sausage).
Grade: A

Lobster Hut (Brockton)- -Some folks think this is a chain, but it's not. For seafood at it's best, Lobster Hut delivers (and cheap!). Best Bets: Mini Meal specials start at only $4.50! Seniors love it here. Try the lobster tail & shrimp for $10.95. Or the ALL MEAT lobster roll for $6.75. Even hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids. Grade: A-

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The PMP Network is sponsored by CHINATOWN of Stoughton and Brockton. They have great food which is cooked in low fat Canola Oil. They use NO MSG. Dinner Specials served all day. Tell them that MARK SNYDER sent you.

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